About & Warnings

Nearer Ends takes place in the future, centuries after humans have fled earth and escaped to a new solar system

Militia Scout Rika Kruschev and her team are sent to investigate stange appearances originating from one of the backwoods planet Velmattic's ever-present storms. Rika will soon learn how much more there is to life than her small desert village has shown her. For better or for worse, Nearer Ends blurs the lines between revenge and justice. How far is too far?

Nearer Ends is a project first birthed around 2005. After some initial discouragement, and years of hiatus, this story is finally in a state that the author can use and work with. While working a monotonous day job in 2019, Topo had an epiphany and was able to re-hash Nearer Ends into something more than just a young owl's imaginary playground. Nearer Ends is a story carried from youth into adulthood, cherished and held close by Topo. From 2019 to today, Topo has been prepping and planning for this behind the scenes. They hope you enjoy it!

As of now, these pages are unrated. It should be said that these stories include themes and imagery including gore and alcoholism.

The Owl in the Flesh

The author, illustrator, and sometimes owl Topolis, was born in 1991 in the Philippines to a military family. They've spent their entire life moving through the U.S., and is currently nesting on The East Coast. Topo and their partner spend their time hyping eachother up about comics & art, figure collecting, and gaming together with their two cats.

They can be reached at topocommish@gmail.com, or any social media linked at Topolis.carrd.co.

Take care, and look out for eachother.